If you like a taste of food that you can only imagine, a taste from a Zagat rated restaurant with high quality food, you should visit Mediterraneo. Located in Westlake village, Mediterraneo offers a stylish atmosphere of the European Bistro in its own private lake and authentic working vineyard that takes you right in the middle of Tuscany. Mediterraneo is a restaurant of choice since every bite has a taste of perfection. Quality is never a compromise.

Mediterraneo is inspired by use of fresh cuisine that comes from the best of local produce. The Mediterraneo menu that ranges from the best you can wish for from poaches, scrambles, griddle to house specials. The Mediterraneo menu will leave you asking for more after a great taste from favorites fused from Californian and sunny Mediterranean influences.

You can check in for a happy hour special from 4pm on weekdays or a sunday Brunch from 8am to 2:30 pm.
Try Mediterraneo today and get a taste like no other.


Westlake Village Inn is an exquisite and wonderful getaway. Located in the private vineyard of the establishment is the Stonehaus winery. Sandwiched by olive trees with a cool atmosphere and a serene ambiance makes the winery a perfect relaxation spot. Designed as a culinary sanctuary for the locals and guests, the winery is an epitome eatery and winery where catering for the appetite of fresh foods and drinks is optimally achieved. Fresh, nice, wonderful and beautiful surrounding makes the winery simply magical, phenomenal and amazing. Even though it is an exemplary coffee house by day, the Tuscan building transforms into a winery by sundown where guests enjoy live,melodious and soothing music as they sip into their sweet glasses of wines. Panini and other small plates are on their menu spoiling the guests for choice to enjoy the variety of delicacies as they sit at fireplaces and fountains. Undoubtedly, Stonehaus is a perfect destination where wonderful and treasured memories of an excellent time are made. Make a point of visiting the winery and experience a well kept paradise first hand and make your own beautiful memories.