Humerus fractures in horses

Humerus fracture happens when a bony structure located near the midsection bone between the shoulder and elbow joints breaks. This result after a horse has fallen or has been kicked by another one but others occur after a vigorous race. Soft tissues around the area affected usually swell and huge blood clots are formed as a result. In severe cases, the horse becomes totally lame. These cases are rare and mainly affect the racing horses. Diagnosis can be proven after a horse has undergone an X-ray checkup.

SynNutra Equine is a company that is dedicated to researching and producing effective products that are used to treat horses that suffer from humerus fractures. Their products are made of herbal and indigenous ingredients that are all natural. Since most of their products are formulated, developed and tested in their facilities, customers usually get high-quality products and that’s why they are trusted by most of them.

They have this developed formula for humerus fractures in horses that helps in improving and aiding a faster recovery of the bones and soft tissues injuries and after achieving a successful results about it, they developed other products that enhance speed, strength and performance in a natural way. They continue developing new qualities remedies that help horses feel and perform well.

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