Mediterraneo is simply the best bar and restaurant in the Westlake Village region. It is in an amazing location with great ambiance and beautiful scenery which gives you the feeling of being in an outdoor venue. The service is beyond great and the waiters are equally welcoming and attentive to customers. The assortment of drinks is spectacular with several drink specials. It is always stocked with patrons favorite drinks to ensure that the drinks never run out. Customer reviews are always positive which goes to show that the Mediterraneo is the bar to be at if you are at the Westlake Village Inn.

Unlike most bars, Mediterraneo focuses on other factors of service which could be easily overlooked which adds up to the overall experience. It is probably the cleanest bar you have ever walked into. Even the table spacing and live entertainment is just perfect to ensure that patrons have a good time.

Humerus fractures in horses

Humerus fracture happens when a bony structure located near the midsection bone between the shoulder and elbow joints breaks. This result after a horse has fallen or has been kicked by another one but others occur after a vigorous race. Soft tissues around the area affected usually swell and huge blood clots are formed as a result. In severe cases, the horse becomes totally lame. These cases are rare and mainly affect the racing horses. Diagnosis can be proven after a horse has undergone an X-ray checkup.

SynNutra Equine is a company that is dedicated to researching and producing effective products that are used to treat horses that suffer from humerus fractures. Their products are made of herbal and indigenous ingredients that are all natural. Since most of their products are formulated, developed and tested in their facilities, customers usually get high-quality products and that’s why they are trusted by most of them.

They have this developed formula for humerus fractures in horses that helps in improving and aiding a faster recovery of the bones and soft tissues injuries and after achieving a successful results about it, they developed other products that enhance speed, strength and performance in a natural way. They continue developing new qualities remedies that help horses feel and perform well.

A & A Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc

Sometimes, cement, film and pharmaceutical business are mentioned as important activities that enjoy the active involvement of all stakeholders to gain mutual benefits. A & A Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc may pay less tribute to the film and pharmaceutical endeavors, but it performs as a crucial actor in infrastructure-based, residential or commercial projects, public works and other that require special expertise. As a manufacturer and ready-mix supplier in California, the company provides the exact mix needed for a concrete project. Specific types of cement, admixtures, etc., constitute the best construction materials that are utilized by the company. Proper proportions are the company’s maxim. Codes for building are strictly followed to achieve results with a value for money.
A competitive advantage of A & A Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc – among other things – is the provision of certified concrete mixes which combination and proportion does not have a harmful effect on health and the environment. By greening its portfolio, the company expands its credibility.

Why A & A Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc is the best in Concrete Delivery

Nowadays innovative building strategies have taken shape. The most common is the use of concrete concentrate, which is premixed and delivered to the site. Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers help build foundations, driveways, bridges, dams and buildings. If you need concrete delivery contact a reputable ready mix concrete company Orange County.
The product is engineered to a specification of almost all industrial performance requirements and applications. The suppliers of ready mix concrete work with the building contractors to ensure smooth flow of the project. The supplier delivers the ready mix concrete to the contractors to meet a wide array of construction needs. With the help of the ready concrete company, users can have concrete that is of high quality, increased compressive strength and maximum performance.
A & A Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc is a reliable concrete delivery company operating in Orange County. The company maintains an online system of ordering and concrete delivery. You need request for quote, pay for the invoice and have the ready mix concrete delivered on your construction site.

The Stonehaus Restaurant-Fantastic place to Relax & Enjoy

The Stonehaus restaurant is one of the best restaurants that you will ever visit. It is a great place to come and enjoy yourself. The atmosphere is incredible and the restaurant is beautifully designed and an amazing place to grab a coffee or some snacks while having chat with friends. Every corner has a unique element and atmosphere. Most importantly, the food offered here is incredible and the presentation will catch your eye. You will find breakfast items, smoothies, paninis, salads and many other delicious food items here.

The food menu includes a combo which is fromage and charcuterie served with condiments and crostini. Customers can also add additional toppings if they like. The service here is incredible and it’s pretty fast. You order the food and wait for the waiter to bring them to your table. You will find the staff really friendly. The restaurant is a fun little place to hang out. The food offered here is fresh and yummy and the atmosphere is heavenly and serene. So you are most welcome to come here and have a wonderful experience.

Choose Mediterraneo for Your Catering Needs

Nestled between the vineyard and a private lake on the sprawling Westlake Village Inn, is the famous Mediterraneo restaurant. Besides the spectacular views of the gardens beyond this place brings the stylish atmosphere and culinary brilliance of a European Bistro to the area surrounding Los Angeles. The restaurant offers a diverse menu of Italian, French and Greek cuisine presented with unabashed flair. It is the perfect place to bring your family, spouse or friends for unique bistro style dining.

If you want to experience the masterful cooking of Mediterraneo chefs in your own space, contact them to take advantage of their catering services. This allows you to pay for the chef you want and choose the preferred menu for a party or special-day meal. Whether you join other diners at the restaurant or enlist the catering services of our award winning chefs, the Mediterraneo experience will be the same-impeccable, savory and fresh. This is achieved by sourcing fresh ingredients and high quality meats and preparing them all with utmost dedication before presenting them to eager clients.

Stonehaus Happy Hour

Happy hour is a great time right after work to get together with friends and even co-workers to enjoy a little relaxation. Many bars and restaurants offer such great deals during the hours. Stonehaus, located in Westlake Village, has a wide variety of offerings. From amazing coffee options to stellar wine from their own winery to great tasting food, Stonehaus offers you the perfect place to rewind after a long day at work. They even have music Thrusday through Sunday.

Stonehaus is a great place to enjoy your happy hour. Here people can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere with good background music, excellent drinks and food as well as delicious desserts. Being located in Westlake Village provides Stonehaus with gorgeous scenery. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy happy hour with some friends, be sure to go try Stonehaus! For more information on their offerings you can check out their website.

Bogie’s Bar at the Westlake Village Inn

Bogie’s Bar is ultimately the perfect destination for anyone looking to unwind with some pals after work and enjoy a joyous evening. Located in Westlake Village, California, Bogie’s Bar provides not only a friendly staff, lush surroundings and privacy but also features the latest cuisines and libations. This is indeed a special place to dance the night away and to make new friends on a Saturday or Friday evening. Bogie’s Bar becomes the most vibrant night clubs in the Hollywood Hills, on Friday and Saturday nights.

During the weekday nights, Bogie’s is characterized by exciting events and live music that everyone can enjoy. You can always find something exciting to enjoy from Bogie’s calendar. Additionally, there are more than enough varieties of drinks to enjoy with colleagues while you relax and meditate on your life. It is a place of elegance, class and endless fun that is definitely a value for your money. Whether celebrating a special event or travelling alone, Bogie’s Hotel Bar will exceed your expectations in every way.

Event Catering in Westlake Village

Event catering is an excellent choice for a multitude of functions. Whether you’re hosting a party with some of your closest friends or throwing a big wedding reception, event catering is a great way to ensure that your guests are well fed with great tasting food. In addition to cooking and serving food, many food companies can also help you with set-up and cleaning. This is an essential service especially for big events.

If you are looking into catering for your next event, here are some tips on what you should do first:

An important step at the beginning of the hiring process is to check that the event catering service is available on the date you want to hold the event. Also, check the requirements to reserve and pay for the catering company. A catering service offering more flexible payment terms is likely to be an attractive choice for many. If you are looking for someone to cater for you in the Westlake Village are, you should contact Mediterraneo. They create delicous meals that will bring your event to life.


Stonehaus Resturant and Bar Offers a Winery Experience

Welcome to the Stonehaus Winery where you can taste from a vast selection of wines around the world, including the private label wines of Stonehaus. Enjoy a flight of wines or a single glass in the rustic old world European style vineyard. Full personal tours are available to allow a comprehensive and enjoyable experience during your visit. You can visit the very vines that produced your own glass of wine while getting a stunning view.

Stonehaus Restaurant and Bar offers a wide array of sweet sparkling whites and champagnes all the way to full bodied cabernets. Here you can pair the award-wining wine with live music and exquisite food.

A true wine enthusiast can become a member of the Stonehaus Wine Club to further enjoy discounts, updates, and event invitations. Stonehaus has something to offer every guest with additional wide selections of fresh coffee, craft beers, rich cigars, and decadent Charcuterie board.