The Mediterraneo Restaurant In Westlake Village.

The Mediterraneo restaurant is situated in the Westlake Village Inn grounds on private land which is 17 acres in size. The atmosphere in this restaurant brings the stylish excellence of culinary. This restaurant shares the warmth and beauty of the Meditteranean region. It offers unique bistro types of fresh dining which are sourced in the village.


The food here is nutritious with wonderful dishes. The restaurant has lovely scenery where you can bring your family, friends and business associates for a brilliant lunch. It has special foods and dinners from Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday, they serve brunch. Their menus tantalize guests with their favorites. The Mediterraneo also provides unique unforgettable settings for special social occasions or events. In these events, they also provide their delicious foods and drinks. They also have private dining rooms which can accommodate both cocktail and seated receptions. The chefs will also grace your occasion with the foods you like. Vist the Mediterraneo in Westlake Village.


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