Winery in Westlake Village

What does it mean to be considered a winery in Westlake Village? In order to produce wine, grape juice must first be fermented into alcohol. The fermentation process can be done by adding yeast to the grape juice, which will then convert the sugars into alcohol. Once the fermentation process is complete, the wine can be bottled and sold.


In order to be considered a winery, a business must have a license to produce wine. The business must also have the proper equipment to produce wine, including fermenting tanks, presses, and filters. In addition, the winery must have a storage area where the wine can be aged.


The Stonehaus is a Westlake Village winery that meets all of the above requirements. The Stonehaus produces a variety of red and white wines, as well as a sparkling wine. The winery also offers a wine club, which gives members access to exclusive wines and events. They mainly produce red wines, and that is what they are more known for.


What are the different types of wine?


There are many different types of wine, but they can broadly be classified into two categories: red wine and white wine. Red wine is made from red grapes, while white wine is made from white grapes. There are also rosé wines, which are made from a mixture of red and white grapes.


Sparkling wines are also a type of wine, but they are made through a different process. In order to make sparkling wine, the grape juice is fermented twice. The first fermentation turns the sugars into alcohol, and the second fermentation adds carbon dioxide to the wine, which gives it its bubbles.

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